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~Celebrating 29 years of beautiful setters~

GCH Moonstone Geal Agus Samlu

CH Moonstone Geal Agus Samlu, known to her friends as Fancy, has recently completed the 
requirements to become a Grand Champion and also earned her Beginner Novice title.
 Congratulations to Debbie Reed and Fancy. Fancy is shown by Nadine Todd.
Watch for updates on Fancy. Debbie hopes to breed her in the near future.

Sherwin's Kara

On 1 January, 2016 the Moonstone family welcomed Sherwin's Kara, a beautiful Gordon Setter puppy. Kara was flown to Montreal, Canada with her breeder Markus Schneider where I picked her up. It was love at first sight. Kara has been a delight from the minute I saw her in person and was able to hold her. 

Kara's Canadian Debut

Sherwin's Kara was Best in Sweepstakes at the Canadian Gordon Setter National Specialty. She was such a good girl and we met lots of old and new friends. 

Kara's winnings for the day. Not bad for a 10 month old baby girl.


CH Moonstone Geal Agus Samlu JH, Fancy to her friends, has completed her requirements for her Grand Championship title (pending AKC) 
Fancy will continue to work towards her Senior Hunt title and in obedience. Fancy is owned and loved by Debbie Reed, NJ.


Moonstone Fáilte earned her second major today by going Best of Winners. Fáilte is co-owned, shown and loved by Connie Kanoff.

Well done!!

New Champion

Enya---now Ch Moonstone Enya --completed requirements in April for her AKC Championship. Congratulations to Connie for great handling, Bonnie & Phil for giving her the very best care. Great job everyone!!

PUPPIES the last minute I decided I really did want a puppy from this litter. I originally thought it was not a good time for me as we are still working on the new house, but I just couldn't help myself. So I am extending a warm welcome to Moonstone Fáilte as the newest member of the Moonstone family. Thank you to Jeanne, Dick, & Connie for your help. I surely couldn't have done it without you.

Fáilte will be living in RI with her co-owner Connie.




All puppies now have new homes. Watch for upcoming litters. The next planned litter will be for Gordon Setters in the fall.



Moonstone Setters is delighted to announce the arrival of our next group of rising stars. February 22, 2012 Ch Mooresfield Brigid gave birth to 6 girls and 5 boys. Proud Daddy is Redwhitesilk Eternal Flame who was imported from Finland. This combination boasts some of the top winning Irish Red & White Setters from around the world. Mom and babies are all doing well.

See "Upcoming Litters" page for pictures

New Grand Champion

Ch Moonstone Darcy was invited to the Eukanuba Invitational Dog Show in Orlando, Florida in December 2011. On the Thursday before the Invitational Darcy went Best of Opposite Sex earning her the remaining 5 points toward her Grand Championship. She is now officially GR CH MOONSTONE DARCY.

At the Invitational Darcy was awarded an AWARD OF EXCELLENCE. On both days she was shown by Connie Kanoff. Thanks Connie!

While at the Invitational I came across the AKC booth where I applied for and have since become a BREEDER OF MERIT! Great way to end the year!

New Email address

*Please note I have a new email address.


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Guinness has just gone BEST IN SHOW at the Setter and Spaniel Show in Australia.  Yeah Guinness!! We are so very proud of you!

Australian Champion Moonstone Export Down Under to Tintookie is the #1 IRWS in Australia for 2010!!! We are thrilled with this boy. Continued success to Lee & Ray of the Tintookie Kennels.



The Big News is that Moonstone Setters is finally moving. After the 2010 holidays we will no longer be at our West Kingston, RI farm. There will be some time of uncertainty, probably going to another location in RI, but we will eventually end up at our farm in Burke, NY.  I do plan to continue to go to dog shows and will go ahead with breeding plans. Continue to watch the web site for more details.

The dogs have brought wonderful people and opportunities into my life. Thank you to each and everyone of you for your continued support.

IRWSA National Specialty

We had a very good show. Mooresfield Brigid was Winners Bitch finishing her AKC requirements for her Championship. She was also given a Select by our judge.   CH Ardbraccan Grainne RN also received a Select.  (An award of Select at a National Specialty qualifies them for the Crufts Dog Show in England.)  CH Moonstone Abhailli was chosen as Best Veteran in Sweepstakes.  On the previous day CH Moonstone Darcy also received a Select. Recently imported from Finland, Redwhitesilk Eternal Flame was Best Pee Wee in Sweepstakes. With limited showing Darcy was #4 Red & White for the year, and CH Moonstone Abhailli was #12. I am very proud of all of the dogs.

Darcy does it again

Darcy has now gotten her photograph into the November issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine. She is at the bottom of the Pet section on page 20. Unfortunately they do not identify the dogs. 

Cover Girl


We have a beautiful cover girl. In the Company of Dogs has chosen Darcy as the cover dog of their recent issue. Darcy is by Glennessa Kingpinn X Molly Malone of Moonstone. She is currently #2 IRWS in AKC.

Dog World Magazine

The feature article and front cover of the August 2010 issue is the Irish Red and White Setter. Along with others, I am quoted in the write-up. I think they did a good job!


Moonstone Red Elle

Elle is doing very well at the recent shows. She is only 10 months old in this photo taken in Fitchburg, MA. Congratulations to her owner Patti. You may remember Elle from her puppy photo below.

News Flash** Elle went Best in Sweepstakes at the dog show held in Providence in December!! She was shown with love by Patti. Great job Pat!

Here is "Elle" at 8 weeks old. Doesn't that face just melt your heart?

She is from the Brigid & Keelan litter.

Westminster Dog Show

The Westminster Dog Show in New York City is always exciting, but this year it is even more special for the Moonstone family. Ch Moonstone Darcy was invited to be among those making history. Darcy, who won't be 2 years old until St. Patrick's Day, will be among the 8 Irish Red & White Setters competing for Best of Breed. The Red & Whites only became elegible to show in AKC shows as of January 2009, so this is the first time in many years that Red & Whites will be shown in Breed compeition.

**Here is Darcy being shown at Westminster by her best friend, Courtney Cherico. Darcy didn't come home with a ribbon, but she had many many people cheering for her!


Here is Darcy with Coutney winning Best in Sweepstakes in NJ. 2009

Molly Malone of Moonstone

Molly recently won 3 points by going Best of Winners and Best of Breed at the Elm City Kennel Club dog show in Hartford, CT. Special thanks to judge Mrs. Pat Trotter. Molly was shown by me (Debbie), accompaning me in the photo is Molly's owner Jeanne Clarke.

Darcy and more Darcy...

Here is Darcy when she finished her AKC Championship. She was not quite 11 months old. This photo shows her with breeder-owner-handler ME!!



Darcy with Courtney in NJ, going Winners Bitch and Best in Sweepstakes.


Darcy handled by co-owner Gail Beauchemin was Best of Breed at our first AKC point show obtaining 4 points. They then went on to place 4th in the Sporting Group. The following Monday, another Best of Breed for 4 more points!! Way to go!!


GrtScots Hero at Moonstone CGC recently won Best in Sweepstakes at the TarTan Gordon Setter Specialty in CT. He is shown by Courtney Cherico

Submitted photo An Irish red and white setter, owned by Debbie Cournoyer, corresponding secretary for the breed association, is a beautiful sight to behold. Beginning this year, the red and white is eligible to compete in American Kennel Club events.

Debbie Cournoyer, corresponding secretary of the Irish Red and White Setter Association, the breed's parent club, reports there are about 600 of these sporting dogs registered in the foundation stock studbook in the United States. She believes there might also be a few more specimens scattered across the country whose owners haven't registered their dogs and just keep them as pets or use the canines to hunt.

Ms. Cournoyer, a resident of West Kingston, R.I., owns five of these setters and hopes to have a few champions by the end of the year, now that the breed can be exhibited at AKC-licensed events. The experienced handler is a longtime Gordon setter exhibitor, and acquired her first Irish red and white setter in 2000.

"They are unique and very pretty, " Ms. Cournoyer says. "These dogs are highly intelligent and creative. They like to solve problems — real or imagined."

To an untrained eye, the R&W might first appear to be a mixed breed. Unlike its cousins, the Irish, Gordon and English setters, the R&W doesn't have a racy outline and is not excessively trimmed. The breed standard advises judges to evaluate these dogs primarily from a working standpoint.

The R&W was developed by Irish sportsmen in the late 17th century and most likely is the progenitor of the more popular Irish setter, known in Ireland and much of Europe simply as the "red setter."

By the late 19th century, the red setter had eclipsed its bi-colored ancestor in popularity, and the Irish red and white almost became extinct.

While the energetic and aristocratic Irish setter has always been a beloved family pet in this country, Ms. Cournoyer attributes the breed's surge in popularity in the early 1960s to the movie "Big Red," a heartwarming tale set in Canada about the adventures of a heroic Irish setter.

Meanwhile, the red and white languished in obscurity.

In the mid-1970s, a handful of the dog fanciers in Ireland and this country became concerned about the breed's demise and began well-planned breeding programs. Many sportsmen prized these dogs for their versatility and keen hunting ability and breeding stock was soon exported to many parts of the world.

Today, the Irish red and white setter can be found throughout the British Isles, as well as in Belgium, Italy, Scandinavia and Canada. Ms. Cournoyer reports that there is also great interest in the breed in several South American countries, including Brazil and Argentina.

One of the highlights of Ms. Cournoyer's involvement with this intelligent breed has been attending two international conferences and specialty shows where she met fellow hobbyists from all over the world. Ms. Cournoyer traveled to Belgium in 2004 and to Ireland in 2006.

Unlike the Gordon setter that tries constantly to please its owner, the R&W has an independent streak, says Ms. Cournoyer.

"They can accomplish a task by themselves, while the Gordon seeks direction and wants to please," she observes. She adds that an Irish red and white setter will work well with its owner once the pair develops a solid relationship.

"There has to be some camaraderie," she says.

Ms. Cournoyer hopes that the red and white will become more widely accepted now that it's officially recognized by the AKC.

"Their sheer beauty will absolutely get your attention," she says. "Your eye is drawn to them."

Ms. Cournoyer was attracted to the noble hunting breed by its shimmering white coat, which she describes as "pearlescent," and the rich mahogany-colored markings or large spots that the breed standard refers to as "islands."

Another physical trait that caught her eye is the dog's silky flowing hair, known as feathers, that appear on the legs, tail and ears.

"The feathers are the icing on the cake," she concludes.

Swansea resident Brian J. Lowney has been writing about pets for more than a decade. He is a past president of the Wampanoag Kennel Club, an active dog show judge and shares his home with two shelter-adopted cats. All of Brian's columns are available online in our new pet section. Visit

IRWSA Specialty Show - CT

Gail Beauchemin (Kelarn Setters) has been working with Moonstone Darcy. She showed Darcy at the Irish Red & White Setter Assoc. Specialty Show and was awarded Best PeeWee. (Darcy was 4 days too young to compete in the regular classes) Special thanks to Gail & Andy for your wonderful work with Darcy.

I still have one Irish Red & White girl available for adoption to the right home. See "Upcoming Litters" page for more information.


Maggie now has completed the requirements to earn her Junior Hunt title. Congratulations Connie & Maggie.

Angus has his first pass.  That's me in the black cap with Angus, and Connie in the tan hat with Maggie. Maggie has already earned her CGC and her UKC Championship. Thank you to Dawne for the photo.

Here's GrtScots Hero at Moonstone, CGC (Angus) going Winner's Dog and Best of Winners at his first show. Handled by Courtney Cherico.

Not to be out done, here is Pineridge Diamond Girl (Mia) at her first show with Lynn Pray.

Newest Members of the Family

Moonstone has two really lovely new members. Watch for their show debuts.

We are very happy to welcome Angus from the GrtScots Kennel in Texas. Now, three days before he turns 5 months old, Angus has passed his first CERF exam and become a Canine Good Citizen. 

Also joining the family, but living with the Russo family (and Kelsey) is Mia. Mia is an English Cocker Spaniel from Pineridge Kennel in Massachusetts.

More Canine Good Citizens

Moonstone has two new Canine Good Citizens. The best part is that it was accomplished by two novice handlers...well, Matthew has had a little experience. Matthew handled Cormac, and Holly handled Grainne. All have recently had birthdays..Matthew just turned 9, Holly just turned 6, Cormac just turned 1, and Grainne had her 8th birthday.                        VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all!!


Matthew and Milo

I think that Matthew is the youngest person to get an AKC title on one of my dogs. After working with Milo (Moonstone Aeros) once a week for a couple of months, Matthew was able to pass the test and earn the Canine Good Citizen. They make a great team and we a all very proud of them!! Thank you Matthew for doing a great job.



Winners in Portland, Oregon

Here is one of the photos sent to me by Wiskie Stout in Oregon. She and Bree did very well in their first two shows going Best of Breed and Best in Misc. Group. Big Congratulations!! Great job, keep up the good work.



New Junior Hunter

UCH Moonstone Ard Na Coille (Abe) earning his AKC JH handled by Chris Orcutt.


St Patrick's Day Parade

Marge Lineweber, CT, along with Fyssher (IRWS) and Derby at the St. Patrick's Day Parade.


The Irish Red & White Setter Confrence was held September 2006.

Six of us from New England went to the Confrence held in Dublin, Ireland. The Confrence was followed by an Irish Red & White Specialty show and field trials.  We were fortunate to meet with breeders and enthusiasts from around the world. Of course, sight seeing castles, pubs, the Waterford Crystal factory, and the Book of Kells was a must. Definately a wonderful experience and great destination. Learn more on the web site of Irish Red & White Setter Club of Ireland.

Happy travlers at a Dublin pub.

Show winners.



on completing the Rally Advanced title in style. The team was second place at the GSCA National in June!!



November UKC TAN (hunt test)

Zack with Kyla and Chris with Abe

successfull in obtaining their title.


The whole group at the TAN test.


Duncan's first show- Mom's too!

Reserve on Saturday, but Best of Breed on Sunday of the United Kennel Club show in Somers, CT



Each year the St. Andrew's Society of Connecticut holds an event that is very special. They invite dogs who's origin is Scotland to be introduced to the public and give a brief history of the breed.  Below is a picture of Mary Griffin with Mongo, Val Russo with Kelsey, Dogs of Scotland Chairman Edward Cook, and Debbie Cournoyer with Reilly


This is UCH Moonstone Keltic Lass, JH with a couple of friends.

Thank you to Ed Miller and Gary Jensen, members of the Sphinx Temple Highlanders of Newington, CT.


Hickory Dickory Duncan earned his Canine Good Citizen Award On July 19, 2005. Duncan, a 10 month old mini-longhair dachshund, is the smallest member of the Moonstone Family. He was able to acheive his CGC with the guidance of my Mom & Dad. Well done folks!!


Molly Malone of Moonstone can now be called Champion. On Saturday, July 16, 2005 Molly completed requirements for becoming a United Kennel Club Champion. She did it in great style by also going Group 1 (best in Sporting Group) then Reserve Best in Show!! Congratulations go out to Molly and her family.

From Left-Judge Donna Blews, Me (Debbie) showing Molly, Jeanne Clarke (owner)

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