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~Celebrating 29 years of beautiful setters~

Pineridge Twice as Nice TT, CGC, TD

Ahh, you ask, why is a Pineridge dog featured on the Moonstone web site? That's because Speedy's father was from my very first litter of Gordon Setters. His mother is also a litter sister to my Sarah. So, now you know....Speedy, aka Pineridge Twice as Nice, is a wonderful pet, but he is also the constant companion of Cil. Speedy is a well trained Search & Rescue dog, as well as a certified Therapy Dog. He is capable of doing searches on land or water. Speedy also does weekly visits to a childrens rehabilitation center and the Alzheimer's unit of a local nursing home. He is a member of D.O.G. BONES Therapy Dogs of  Massachusetts. Cil will occasionally send me photos or tell me other things that Speedy is doing. This page will be dedicated to Cil and Speedy and their news.


Speedy's Demo--July 23, 2005

Cil and Speedy were kind enough to come to Wickford, RI to give a demonstration of his abilities as a Search & Rescue dog. The incoming tide was not the ideal situation to show off his talents, but Speedy found the scent without any problems. On lookers asked many questions about searches on land and water. Here are some of the photos taken during the training searches.

Cil answering one of the many questions

Searching for the scent.

Cil following Speedy during the wilderness training.

April 12, 2005-by email

 Speedy is so caring. Today I decided to burn some twigs and wood in the fireplace. Well, it smoked up and Speedy freaked out trying to get me out of the house.  He was standing on the deck, shaking, crying and barking for me to come. (I know that bark when he wants something) So I went to him and said it was ok, but he then ran down the deck, turned and barked at me to follow him. He went to the gate leading out of the yard, and barked at me again. It was so obvious he wanted me out of that house! Poor dog! At least I know he will let me know if there is a fire!
Finally, the smoke cleared and now he is no longer stressed, panting and drooling! LOL 

It is with a very heavy heart that I report the passing of Speedy. He was 10 years old.

Good bye  sweet Speedy.

Cil is now working with Sally, another Gordon Setter, doing Search and Rescue. Sally is turning out to be another great working dog.